Profit From Down-sizing and Culling Your Treasures

If you are recovering from the loss of a loved one, moving to smaller quarters, or awash in clutter, the Alameda Museum has an expert estate and consignment sale team that can take care of everything for you. And when you engage us, not only do you keep more of the revenue than by utilizing a for-profit estate sale company; you also may be eligible for a tax deduction (please consult your tax advisor for information about charitable contributions).

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Each sale is personally orchestrated by Curator George Gunn and his team of experts in jewelry, books, art, collectibles, and tools. They also research items for up-to-date information about values and prices. Most notably, the team meticulously inventories your belongings to ensure your family treasures are not sold if you overlooked them, establishes prices for seemingly insignificant items to increase your revenues, and goes to great lengths to preserve your privacy. All of your donations are vital to the Museum’s educational and historic preservation programs.
For more information, either email us or call George at 510.521.1233.