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2017 Schedule

Lectures take place at the Eagles’ Hall, across the street from the Museum. Admission is free for museum members and $10 for others. No reserved seats. We open at 6:30 p.m. on lecture nights. Come early to save a seat and enjoy the displays in the History and Art Galleries. View past lectures.

  • April 27:  Alameda’s Hometown Hero – Jimmy Doolittle
    Presented by Secretary of the Alameda Naval Air Museum, Robbie Dileo and Alameda Museum President, Dennis Evanosky. This year is the 75th anniversary of the raid on Tokyo following the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. Led by American aviation pioneer James H. Doolittle the mission was carried out by crews aboard 16 B-25 bombers launched from the USS Hornet (CV-8). Learn about Doolittle’s youth in Alameda, his mission to bomb Japan, and his return to Alameda as a celebrated hero.  Sponsor: Alameda Naval Air Museum.
  • May 25:  Alameda Legends: Over 100 Years of Alameda Sports History
    Former Alameda resident James Francis McGee, a product of private and public schools in the Island City, will speak about his newest book, Alameda Legends, detailing the lives who have impacted Alameda’s sports history. It is a work that honors the past and looks optimistically to the future. McGee will profile various famous Alameda residents from the past and present as he intertwines fate, fame, and the fortuitous fortune of his respectfully named “Legends.” Sponsor: Pacific Coast Community Services.
  • June 22:  Early Alameda, the Hayloft, and the First Congregational Church
    This architectural gem is the 5th oldest church in Alameda. Ann Beret Johnsen is a 4th generation Alamedan and lives in the family home on Alameda Avenue established in 1881 by her great-grandparents. Her mother Shirley acted as family historian caring for family records, movies, and letters. Ann grew up hearing family stories, which sparked an interest in family and community history. Attending First Congregational Church since she was born, she was asked to serve as Church Historian by the Rev. Larry Schulz a task she enjoys, assisted by Ginny Krutilek, another native Alamedan. Sponsor: Liz Rush, Realtor, McGuire Real Estate.
  • July 27: European Roots
    Dennis Evanosky, author and Alameda Sun Editor. On July 17, 1854, Alfred A. Cohen married Emilie Grace Poole Gibbons. The couple moved to Alameda and established an estate on the East End they named Fernside. Alfred and Emilie can both trace their ancestry to England. Their colorful forebears include a man who owned slaves in Jamaica and another who sat on the jury of the only witch trial in Pennsylvania. Join Alameda Museum Board President Dennis Evanosky as he introduces these interesting families and trace their stories from California back six generations to Wilshire and London in England. Sponsor: Evelyn Kennedy, Alain Pinel Realtors, and Alameda Museum Board Member.
  • August 24: The East End: ’20s and Beyond
    Alameda author and historian Woody Minor will speak about homes of the ’20s and later in the richly intact neighborhoods of the southeast section of the city. We will see how the bungalow evolved after World War I, interacting with new styles, and witness the Ranch House emerge on the eve of Word War II. Among the notable builders whose work we will encounter are the aristocrats George H. Noble, Noble F. Justice, and P. Royal Haulman along with the incomparable Sid Dowling.
    Sponsor: Peter Fletcher, Broker, Windermere Real Estate.
  • September 28: Early Black Pioneers of Alameda
    Rasheed Shabazz grew up on the West End of Alameda. He received his Bachelors in African American Studies and Political Science, and minored in City and Regional Planning, at UC Berkeley. Black history of Alameda is largely unknown and overlooked. Of the scant attention Black Alamedans have received, most focuses on the post- World War II population. This presentation examines the lives of early Black pioneers of Alameda, focusing on housing, community building, and the origins of racialized residential segregation. Sponsor: Evelyn Kennedy, Alain Pinel Realtors, and Alameda Museum Board Member.