Oral Histories

Share your stories about Alameda

The Alameda Museum is recording oral histories about Alameda, and we are looking for all volunteers willing to share their stories with us on video. Everyone is welcome: from age 2 to 102, lifelong residents, former inhabitants, friendly neighbors and recent transplants.

It would take about an hour of your time. We can meet at the Museum or a location of your choice. Or we can provide directions to record yourself.  Before we start, we will ask you to sign a release form authorizing us to record, archive and display your stories. At the museum, we will have a camera on a tripod set up, and a microphone to clip onto your lapel while we speak.

We are especially interested in recording memories of:

  • Neptune Beach and Alameda Baths
  • Growing up and family life
  • Working at or visiting the Naval Air Station
  • Railroads and street cars

If you have another specific area of knowledge, please let us know beforehand, so we can tailor the questions we ask to suit your experiences. Otherwise we will ask general questions about your experiences with and memories of Alameda. We plan to archive and display these recordings as part of our collection and make them available for future transcription and research. We will also be posting selected clips to our website and Facebook page.

Thanks for your interest in sharing your stories about Alameda with the Museum!

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