The museum almost set up for a sale event outside the museum. All summer, the museum’s Board of Directors has been going back and forth about opening up the gift shop, and eventually even the museum was allowed to open – but with a list of precautions, requiring training, and supplies.

We got some of the supplies, but few of our volunteers were willing to expose themselves to customers walking in, and in the end, even the outside sale was deemed too risky, with a renewed increase in COVID -19 infections.

So the supplies will remain unused – for now.

In the meantime, we took down the protest photo exhibit, we continue to work on digitizing the catalog system, we looked for new board members, and worked on a new Quarterly newsletter. In addition, there’s always upkeep happening at the Meyers House, and we still receive donations.

We also have our online store, and pick-up of items may be arranged through appointments. If you walk by the museum store window and see something you like, this too may be picked up after an appointment – at [email protected] or [email protected].

We are considering our next pop-up window exhibit, which would be the last one for this year.