Meyers House Gets a New Look

It’s been a busy summer at Meyers House. Dry rot on the house and garage has been repaired, volunteers have helped the new gardener clean up the trees and planting beds, and a storage shed for event furniture is being added.

But the most dramatic change… (drumroll) is the new paint! Check out before and after pictures of the pumphouse, which has also been released from murky shadows into the light of day.



Of course, what you really want to see is the house…

The new paint has done wonders. The main color is a creamy, very pale beige.

It contrasts subtly with the white trim and fence, highlighting architectural details that were easy to overlook when everything was painted the same color.

Touches of dark green around the windows further delineate the features of the house, restoring it to its rightful elegant and stately ambiance.

Even on a cloudy day, the house looks beautiful! Walk by when you get a chance.