Update (September 2020)

A Home in Alameda One of the items now available in our on-line store.

The Temporary Window Exhibit ‘An Assemblage of Hats’ has been taken down.  Although we have a anti-UV film on the window, and although the window faces the North-East, sunlight still enters the windows through reflections from passing or parked cars. Thus we dare not leave objects susceptible to fading – such as some of the hats – out permanently.

The information is – for now – still available on the website (See https://alamedamuseum.org/temporary-exhibitions/).

The board is exploring several other topics for temporary exhibits.

The board is also exploring re-opening, initially only the gift shop. We are analyzing what steps we can take to protect the public and our volunteers from COVID infections, if we do reopen. There will be at least some more rules… In the meantime, we have put a number of things up on our on-line store, see: https://alamedamuseum.org/store/. This includes the book ‘A Home in Alameda’.

We now have an instagram presence, and the hope is to add a post once every week. The instagram account is linked to our Facebook account. This means that people following both, may see the same post on both social media platforms.

Members will have noticed a new Quarterly show up in their mailbox. The previous edition is now visible on our website, see the publication archive: https://alamedamuseum.org/news-and-resources/publication-archive/

Anyone now taking a walk past the museum will notice the City is updating the look of the street. We are interested to see the final result…