Museum remains closed

It seems we’re taking further steps back…

The board has decided to cancel the lecture series for this year; even when we are allowed to reopen, ‘mass’ gatherings will most likely take a while longer. We have thought about doing a lecture using internet software, but that would open a whole new set of issues, so we have decided to put our hopes in putting one a good show next year.

In addition to the museum being closed, our landlord has graciously protected the museum from window-smashing looters and the museum now appears even more closed than before.

And in additional sad news, our longtime treasurer and board member, Bob Risley, has passed away. He will be sorely missed. The gazebo at the Meyers House is named in his honor, so we will have something tangible to remind us of his many years of service.

In the meantime, the president of the board is taking over the financial matters, and we are looking for a bookkeeper. The curator is making great strides in curating additional items, reorganizing the storage, checking old records. The digitizing of our catalog continues. The board of the museum continues to monitor rules and best practices for reopening, and we will reopen whenever that is possible again.

The board will meet again on July 18.

Myrna van Lunteren
Vice President,
Alameda Museum Board